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Rehab Addict

Hosted by Nicole Curtis

This docu-reality series features real estate agent and designer Nicole Curtis.

This street-smart Detroit native spent two years living the high life as a Hollywood housewife—decorating her multi-million dollar mansion with all the luxuries.

When that life ended she moved back to the Midwest, and earned a good living as an interior designer and realtor. She soon found herself buying, renovating, and selling homes. 

As she witnessed the destruction of older homes by homeowners, renovators, and developers, Nicole became obsessed with preserving these gems, and retaining the original character of each neighborhood.

On every project, Nicole uses her designer's eye to create high-end details on a budget. She shops discount stores, flea markets, and reuse centers for interesting elements that give each restoration unique personality.

There's real magic in what Nicole does— and each project delivers an amazing visual payoff.

To take Nicole's true measure you have to see the results of her work. She buys an old house, transforms it into the pride of the neighborhood, and sells it at a sweet profit.

But, she's not your average flipper. She doesn't just renovate houses; she painstakingly restores them to their original glory.