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I Hate My Kitchen

Hosted by James Young

Love your house but hate the kitchen? You're not alone!

On DIY Network's I Hate My Kitchen, host James Young shows homeowners how to transform any kitchen—no matter how bad—with economical, yet clever, kitchen designs.

The show features an amazing array of new products from countertops to flooring, cabinets to appliances.

With a little help from James, those 'hater' homeowners will discover the love that comes from a beautiful new kitchen!

Host Bio

Licensed contractor James Young is a man on a mission—to help people love their kitchens.

A U.S. Army veteran who received Achievement Medals and a Soldier of the Month Award, James is hardcore when it comes to home improvement.

He's remodeled dozens of homes and, as a licensed electrician, worked on numerous large-scale commercial and residential projects.

As host of I Hate My Kitchen, James is the ultimate kitchen specialist—showing homeowners the latest designs and products that will give them a killer kitchen without breaking the bank.