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America's Best Kept Secrets

Hosted by Meg Caswell

Host Meg Caswell is searching every corner of the country to find the best-kept secrets in America. As a designer, she’s always on the lookout for fresh new inspiration that will keep her designs cutting edge.

She’s hunting down the quirkiest shops, funkiest hotels, strangest homes, weirdest art, and most colorful characters to see what she can learn from them.

She’ll explore the Hudson River Valley in New York, the funky downtown scene of Austin, Texas, and the distinctly diverse neighborhoods of San Francisco in a wacky, fun-packed journey.

Host Bio

Meg says she began her career in design the moment she decided not to attend law school. After she earned a degree in criminology, she soon enrolled at The Art Institute of Chicago where she earned a B.F.A. in interior architecture.

The interpersonal skills she learned during her criminology studies help her develop profiles of her clients and uncover their true design preferences. As the owner of a design firm and a home decor store in Chicago, Meg characterizes herself as a determined, direct and high-energy competitor.

She describes her design style as a preppy mix of modern and traditional, but she also counts the vibrant pastel colors of "Palm Beach chic" among her favorite looks.